Main entrance to the crypto market

Crypto Nike is the wealth management part of a network of researchers and developers in the blockhain space. Our founders have co-founded blockchain academies and developed blockchain platforms and currently lead them. These are the main partners which have brought in other major legal, industrial and financial partners.

Our clients enter this world through its main entrance.

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Vision rules our contracts

We select high-potential blockchain projects and distinguish the deadwood from the green one, guided by the vision of a growing market for the next decades, offering opportunities for profit and room to correct mistakes.

Lead by this vision, we have shaped a mandate contract without fees, except the performance fee, with which we share the proceeds with our clients.


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Exit fee

Professionals and istitutions

More and more professionals and financial institutions are entering this market. Crypto assets have become an important asset class for many investors. Some are seeking to cover the inflation risk arising from the expansive policies of Central Banks, while others are looking for interesting returns in a financial context, characterized by slow growth.

30% performance fee

With us, our clients can seize the financial opportunities of the decentralized finance. They can invest in the best performing asset class of the last decade, sharing their gains with us. We only make money if our clients make money too.


Management fee

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